Business impact modeling

It's important to understand how a new technology investment will affect your business

— operationally and financially. Businesses want to leverage new technology to support

major business initiatives, improve revenue and margins, enhance customer service, and

reduce operating costs. NCR Business Impact Modeling and Technology Consultants

meet with you to measure the impact of new technology across your organization,

helping you make an informed strategic decision.


The NCR Business Impact Model uses a vendor-neutral, predictive tool that quantifies the

value of technology in terms of performance measures, business functions, and potential

process improvements. These measures may include revenue enhancement, expense

reduction, and gross margin or profit improvements. This thorough assessment will help

you justify your technology investment by showing how new technologies can impact the

bottom line.


NCR Business Impact Modeling (BIM) Services can help you:

  • Define critical success factors and business objectives to measure success.

  • Communicate the benefits of a potential technology investment in financial terms that

     contribute to an informed business decision.


  • Understand the projected business impact of new technologies prior to implementation.