Branch and store design services


Your customer’s experience is directly influenced by all aspects of your branch or store

design. NCR Design Services’ holistic approach includes the branch or store’s physical

appearance, pilot design management, messaging across channels, customer

touchpoints and application interface screens.


Our experts will provide unique, empirical evidence of what's really happening in your

branch or store, helping you to understand how customers interact with all the different

staffed and self-service points, as well as where the bottlenecks and problem areas.


  • NCR’s User Interface Design experts can design products that work the way employees 

      and customers think, instead of making people learn to think the way a computer works. 

      Our goal is to design and implement intuitive solutions that require very little or no 

      training and focus on the user, task, screen content/layout and navigation.


  • design audit will evaluate the design elements at your branch or store from the

      application user interface to the company brand. Our consultants will leverage industry 

      best practices and consumer impressions to provide a prioritized list of 

      recommendations to ensure your customer’s experience is optimized.


We can help you reduce customer wait time, attract more customers, increase sales

volumes and reduce the number of staff engaged in routine low value transactions.