Branch assess


NCR Branch Effectiveness Modeling (BEM) consultants leverage customer experience

across industries, geographies and solutions to provide a unique view of business and

technology trends impacting the branch experience. This combined with global best

practices and industry benchmarks enables NCR BEM Consultants to provide you with a

strategic roadmap to transform your consumers’ experience.

Customers have more choices than ever before on when, where and how they interact

with you. Branches remain a critical component of any banking relationship. Through

face-to-face interactions and self-service transactions, you provide customers the

services they want via the channel of their choice to ensure an enhanced customer

experience. It all starts with a clear understanding of the products and services your

customers want and how they choose to conduct these transactions.

NCR BEM Consultancy evaluates your customer volume, transaction mix, service

bandwidth and consumer touch points, giving you an overview of the effectiveness of

your branch network and enables banks to discover the right ingredients and mix for

more successful and effective branches.