NCR Connections is a multi-channel solution enabling the creation and deployment of modern,

interactive and personalized consumer services.


The NCR Connections thin-client architecture replaces the heavy and time consuming

traditional technical releases and enables lightweight consumer targeted services management

with the flexibility to start, stop, update or extend consumer service with ease. All content is

now controlled centrally from the Connections server so changes (rebranding, new services,

logical flow changes etc.) can now be deployed in significantly less time, cost and complexity.

NCR Connections is based on modern web technology and can be easily integrated into a

variety of physical and digital channels (ATM, Kiosk, Tablet, Web etc.) to enable a consistent

user-experience and service offering.


Benefits include:


  • User experience on the physical channel can now be consistent with other digital channels 

(gesture control, dynamic content etc.)

  • Consumer experience can be highly personalized through simple integration with backend 

services (CRM and Internal databases)

  • Complementary technology choices to adjacent digital channels means maximum reuse of a

 customer’s existing services and designs

  • Tailor the services offered based on a wide variety of segments (consumer profile, location,

 time, terminal type etc.)

  • Server based architecture enables the enrichment of services on the client without any 

interruption or client software changes.


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