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NCR APTRA™ Advance NDC is the world’s most popular self-service ATM software for NDC (NCR Direct Connect) host environments. Based on Microsoft® Windows®, it enables you to drive a single application across multiple vendors’ hardware, providing many transactions ‘out-of-the-box’ and a platform for the rapid deployment of new ATM software functionality.

Around the world, more financial self-service networks operate in an NDC host environment than any other. NCR created the NDC standard for ATMs more than 20 years ago, and it has become the most popular, trusted self-service ATM networking application throughout the world.

As self-service ATM networks have migrated from OS/2 to the Windows operating system, NCR APTRA Advance NDC builds on that unbroken leadership, taking over where OS/2-based products like NDC and NDC+ left off. It drives transactions on more than 90,000 ATMs operated by more than 350 deployers in more than 60 countries.


Bill Nuti Named 2017 Most Admired CEO by Atlanta Business Chronicle

NCR announced today that Chairman and CEO Bill Nuti has been selected as one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Most Admired CEOs for 2017.


What do business users want from their future payments solutions?

The payments market has undergone a huge transformation in recent years, with a wide range of new technologies helping make transactions faster and more convenient than ever.

Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.