SmartServ Predictive and Remote Services


Ensuring that your devices are always available when customers need them requires being

smarter about the way they are managed with and evolving to predictive maintenance. It

requires anticipating problems with components before they happen and performing full

diagnosis and service dispatch before your customers are impacted.


NCR SmartServ Predictive and Remote Services watches critical components of your devices,

anticipating any issues before they happen and proactively scheduling fixes that minimize the

number and duration of service interruptions.


When predictive maintenance services are combined with remote services capabilities, issues

indentified by NCR SmartServ Predictive and Remote Services are automatically routed to the

remote resolution team for even faster repair, further increasing availability. Using remote

services, NCR can have a support technician working on the problem within minutes rather

than waiting for an engineer to arrive on site.








  • Proactive device maintenance
  • Detection and resolution of issues before they happen
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities for faster fix
  • Secure solution including full audit trail

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