Power Advantage


Power conditioners can increase ATM availability and reduce service calls by 20% or more


Dirty power degrades electro-mechanical processors over time and can cause ATM components

to malfunction, but the power conditioner returns availability to your ATM network and your

customers by cleaning and stabilizing facility power to the ATM. While this device may sound

similar to a UPS, a Power Conditioner addresses power spikes and surges, while a UPS (battery

back-up) addresses power sags and outages. Most downtime has nothing to do with the

outside world. In fact, 80% of power quality problems are generated inside the facility.


A standard UPS will only protect the ATM from surges and outages. Power conditioners solve

common power issues and add a low impedance isolation transformer and noise filter in

addition to a surge diverter to protect your equipment from the disturbances within your

power systems.







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  • Increased ATM availability
  • Clean, consistent power to your equipment
  • Assured power quality without an electrician
  • Increased customer satisfaction