High Availability for Interactive


Interactive devices are changing the traditional banking model and transforming the branch

and its’ daily operations. These devices go beyond traditional ATM transactions and are utilized

in conjunction with remote bank tellers for basic teller functionality providing extended

availability to customers. Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) can be complex and you may not

have someone onsite with the needed level of technical expertise. NCR Services can fill that

gap. High Availability for Interactive provides you with an Interactive Support Desk to serve as

the single point of contact for all incident related concerns. This Interactive Support Desk will

triage all faults (HW & SW), perform remote resolution and/or incident creation where

applicable. Lastly, the Support Desk will also provide usability, “How to” support and automated

ITM event monitoring and management. These key features work together to provide you with

increased device availability, so that your branch personnel are available for higher value

transactions and you’re able to consistently serve your customer in the manner of their

choosing. The service also provides additional software maintenance coverage hours, account

support management, monthly availability reporting and serves as an escalation point for any

incident related concerns. Last but not least, this premium service offer bears a premium

service metric that is aligned to achieve the highest consumer experience.








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  • Handle HW and SW fault triaging
  • Provide remote resolution capabilities
  • Distributes information to L2 HW & SW Teams
  • Shared resource assigned to customer account
  • Single point of contact outside of incident
  • Manages monthly Availability reporting
  • Intelligent dispatch (CE Skills, Parts & Location)
  • Parts Planning & Management engaged