Hardware Maintenance Services



NCR Hardware Maintenance Services increase operational efficiency and improve IT availability by enabling you to:


  • Manage your IT infrastructure budget with predictable, controllable costs. With various fixed cost pricing options, NCR enables easy budgeting for current and future needs since hard-to-control variable costs are replaced by fixed costs.
  • Eliminate the cost and headache of multiple service providers. With NCR’s multi-vendor capabilities, you can reduce the number of service providers you need to support a broad spectrum of products and environments.
  • Scale support quickly and easily. NCR’s global infrastructure allows you to expand or reduce your domain at any time. You eliminate indirect costs and the need for additional language and time zone coverage.
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology without the burden of evaluating, purchasing, implementing and supporting it.
  • Access critical skill sets with NCR’s multi-vendor expertise, covering most leading technologies, to ensure that you receive the specialized support you need.
  • Re-focus on your core business and managing more strategic initiatives, while receiving the best IT infrastructure support available.





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