ATM First Line Maintenance Services

Even sophisticated technology can suffer from unexpected problems. NCR ATM First Line Maintenance Services is dedicated to ensuring those problems don’t damage the level of convenience and quality of service you provide to your customers. Proactive and preventive problem resolution reduces the chance of later service disruption. Flexible coverage and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options, enabling you to tailor service coverage to achieve the desired level of availability. This will lower your total operational costs by decreasing out-of-scope call billing.



  • Manage your costs more effectively - Drive higher levels of availability for your customers - Manage your budget through predictable service costs
  • Certainty that the root cause of a problem is resolved with NCR’s Self-Service Diagnostic Gateway (SSDG)
  • Assisted remote resolution delivers faster solutions to lower your total number of first line calls, which will increase availability and lower your costs over time
  • Increased productivity with streamlined operational procedures to simplify your servicing with one point of contact
  • Service available for both the ATM and ITM