Availability Services


Availability of a system is typically measured as a factor of its reliability - as reliability increases, so does availability. As more and more customers correlate the importance of ATM “availability” to customer retention and a positive customer experience, NCR’s service offerings have been designed with the consumer at hand. Learn how our availability designed services work towards maximizing your most important capital…your customer.

ATM First Line Maintenance Services


NCR First Line Maintenance Services deliver proactive and preventive problem resolution. Reduces ATM service disruption. Flexible coverage and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options. Lower total operational costs by decreasing out-of-scope call billing.

ATM Multivendor Maintenance Services


NCR ATM multivendor maintenance services offer a single service level agreement, a single point of contact and operational efficiency.

ATM Second Line Maintenance


With NCR as your ATM Second Line Maintenance service partner, you have access to the support and resources of a global network of people and technology with the expertise to match your specific availability needs.

ATM Single Line Maintenance (SLiM)


NCR ATM Single Line Maintenance (SLiM) provides a cost-effective approach to managing your ATMs.

Image Management Services


NCR Image Management Service minimizes ATM downtime by allowing NCR to quickly and easily reload the right ATM software on your ATM. While ATMs don’t often have a catastrophic failure that requires reloading all of the software and starting over, it can happen. Are you prepared? Imagine that you have prepared for that possibility and that you already have a copy of the software on site. Imagine that software is right at the ATM and NCR can reload that software quickly and easily. NCR’s Image Management Service gives you a way to make that happen.

Integrated Managed Solutions for CFIs


Fit-For-Purpose Integrated Managed Solutions impact critical areas of service delivery for community financial institutions to help drive seamless, successful consumer interactions.

Power Advantage


Power conditioners can increase ATM availability and reduce service calls by 20% or more. Dirty power degrades electro-mechanical processors over time and can cause ATM components to malfunction, but the power conditioner returns availability to your ATM network and your customers.

SmartServ Predictive and Remote Services


NCR SmartServ Predictive and Remote Services anticipate device issues before they happen and routes to a remote resolution team for faster repair.

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