Electronic Journal Management - Vision

ATM Electronic Journals (EJ) are critical components in managing your ATM estate and reconciling self-service transactions. Electronic Journals capture all ATM activity, such as transactions, settlement information, cash related events and critical hardware and software events. Efficient, orderly storage combined with easy access to this data is a critical feature in keeping your bank staff working efficiently.



  • Eliminate the effort of collecting EJs
  • Optimize your Electronic Journal file management
  • Quickly resolve customer disputes
  • Reduce ATM network management costs and increase accuracy
  • Real-time EJ streaming ensures the latest and most up to date journal transactions are sent to the central server for consumption
  • Automated real-time EJ data retrieval from the entire, multi-vendor, ATM network
  • Centralized storage of the electronic journal data
  • Advanced search capabilities with multi‑file search and automatic extraction of metadata
  • Secure, role-based access to the EJ data and encryption during both transmission and storage ensures that each user has access to only those ATMs assigned
  • Anytime, anywhere access through a browser-based interface
  • File encryption during transmission and storage ensures the electronic journal data is secure