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Convenience fees and surcharge

Manage the cost of processing payments

How much do you spend a month/per year in credit card fees? What if you could offset those fees?

The card networks designed specific programs to help the SMB market offset some of the cost of acceptance. By taking advantage of these solutions, you can now pass a subset of these fees to the consumer for the growing cost of accepting credit cards.

NCR has seamless processes to offer a solution to:

  • Recoup your credit card processing fees from your customers
  • Maintain transaction security for you
  • Remove the hassle of trying to implement something yourself
  • Enable your NCR POS device or NCR credit card terminal for fee prompting*

As a true innovative partner for your business, NCR can help you offset your fees at every point of purchase – online, in-store, mobile, kiosk… simple and secure!

Convenience fee

A fee charged to a cardholder that represents the convenience of payment through an alternative payment channel different from the normal payment channel. (can apply to Card Present & Card Not Present)

  • Example 1: Online payment vs Face-to-Face
    • Movie ticket purchases online receive a conv fee, while in-person cash ticket sales do not
  • Example 2: Electronic Payment vs mail in payment
    • Paying a water bill in-person/online/over the phone via credit card can access a conv fee, while sending a check for payment in the mail will not
  • Fees can be applied Card Present & Card Not Present
  • Does not require card brand registration


An extra fee added to credit card transactions during purchase of goods or services either online or in-store.

  • Example 1: Consumer purchases clothing at a retailer 
    • Retailer charges a surcharge for using a credit card
  • Example 2: Consumer is provided services by a seamstress 
    • Merchant charges a 3% surcharge for using a credit card
  • Surcharge fees must not exceed your cost of acceptance and are capped at 4%.
  • Registration is required with Visa 30 days prior to starting
  • Notify NCR once this registration has been completed

Visit these card network resources to learn more about surcharging rules, signage requirements and to complete your surcharge registration.

Visa surcharging

*Device compatibility may vary

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This problem is particularly acute for brick and mortar business.

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