Path to Digital First


EuroCIS 2019 | Düsseldorf | 19 - 21 February | Stand 10/A04

EuroCIS 2019:


Bring connected shopping experiences to life with NCR

Starting a grocery list on mobile before leaving the house. Ordering a breakfast sandwich for delivery. Looking for help choosing something for a special occasion. Wanting to skip the checkout line.


Your customers do these things every day. To keep up, investing in digital-first retail is critical. This means preparing to deliver connected experiences no matter how your customers shop — because what they value depends on what they need in any given moment. And meeting them in those moments is how you compete.

Join NCR at Stand 10/A04 for immersive Connected Experiences

We invite you to EuroCIS 2019 to experience digital-first retail at NCR Stand 10/A04. There you’ll see firsthand the importance of connected customer experiences and explore new opportunities to engage shoppers in every moment by optimising key areas of your enterprise. 


By taking a literal walk in our customer’s shoes, you’ll see how NCR solutions help you deliver these experiences and stay ahead of the competition:


  • Remove friction from the checkout process — a top priority for all of our brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Modernise and automate store infrastructure while leveraging existing IT investments
  • Eliminate inefficiencies from store operations
  • Tackle loss prevention across every step of the business
  • Use data to deliver personalised experiences and achieve the competitive edge
  • Deliver mobile options that optimize productivity and engage consumers


Visit the NCR booth 3419 for a guided tour of our retail journeys or schedule time with one of our experts to learn more. Can’t make it to EuroCIS 2019? No problem, let’s talk  we’d love to show you a whole world of possibilities.