Four tips for making contactless delivery work for your restaurant

Published March 19, 2020

As the world navigates the coronavirus outbreak, many restaurants are turning to contactless delivery to help protect their customers and their employees by reducing transmission of the virus through normal restaurant interactions.

If you operate a restaurant, here are some tips you can use as you pivot to contactless delivery.



1. Give customers a way to tell you they don’t want contact.

You can add a contactless delivery option to your app enabling pre-pay and doorstep delivery or provide a place for them to add delivery instructions in the app or online. This protects both your customers and your employees.


2. Pivot to mobile payments

Stop taking cash as a payment option to avoid hand-to-hand contact and spreading any germs that may be lingering on paper bills and coins.


3. Thoroughly disinfect all food delivery packaging

Sanitize your surfaces and POS terminals, and seal your orders in clean, disinfected packaging that’s double-sealed. Consider adding a flyer or sticker thanking your customers for their support and reassuring them you’ve taken extra safety precautions with their order. It may be worth also adding a coupon to encourage further orders and providing your social media handles for future updates and offers.


4. Drive your contactless delivery business through social media

For example, Yum China –– which operates nearly 9,000 Pizza Hut, KFC and other restaurants in the world's second-largest economy –– used short, informational videos to promote safe contactless delivery options on social media platforms WeChat and Weibo.


Here’s how restaurants around the world are implementing contactless payment and delivery


NCR is deeply committed to helping you navigate this uncertain and challenging time. Let us know how we can help as you transform your restaurant to address the disruption caused by the pandemic, and be sure to keep checking for updates, guidance and other helpful information.

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