NCR Kitchen Production System for Restaurants


Send out fresh, high-quality food—fast—with kitchen production software and hardware for restaurants

Multiple ways to order for them. One kitchen order flow for you.


Delivery, mobile apps and self-service mean your kitchen is busier and more complex than ever. Getting every order right and sent out fast is the only way to compete. And this is where we help you shine. With NCR Kitchen Operations, every order is routed into the kitchen in the same operational flow—no matter where it was placed, or how customized it is. Now, orders fly out of the kitchen with precision and speed, reducing wait times, delighting guests and bringing them back for more. 

Organize your kitchen order flow with NCR Kitchen Production Systems

Increase productivity and efficiency even as orders increase with orders placed inside and outside the restaurant using the same kitchen routing rules 

Plan and prepare for anticipated spikes in order volumes with real-time visibility into problem areas in kitchen production and delivery

Accommodate the “build-your-own” craze in the quick service industry using precise order routing and bin management in the kitchen

Make decisions quickly using order volume, production status, progress, order times and staffing levels within the kitchen in real-time 

Create fantastic guest experiences by reducing wait times, increasing kitchen throughput and offering exceptional food quality to guests

Leverage multi-lingual teams by displaying different languages on each station screen

NCR Kitchen Production gives you extra features to keep your kitchen running smoothly 

Routing Rulebook


Ensure orders are routed to the right stations in the kitchen with the ability to route items by video group, terminal, order mode and many other options 

Load Balancing


Automatically route orders to kitchen stations being underutilized 

Order Source & Destination


Easily see which orders were placed in the restaurant and those placed for takeout and delivery    

Bin Management


Improve the performance and speed of repeatable tasks by providing a consolidated view of bulk production items needed to fulfill orders

Accurate Quote Times


Pass accurate quote times for order timing to mobile apps, online ordering or delivery marketplaces

Order Ready Display


Add a digital sign in the front of house that enables delivery drivers and guests to monitor the status of their order

#1 restaurant POS provider in the world

Our kitchen technology is used in over 35,000 restaurants around the world    

Our digital platforms processed over 100 million consumer transactions in 2018

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