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NCR Orderman offers an extensive POS portfolio.

When you buy a POS system from NCR Orderman you are choosing a system known for its reliability and long service life. Twenty-five years of experience in developing technology products for the hospitality sector go into our POS systems – and the wealth of 125 years of experience of our parent company NCR. The best proof of our quality is the industry-wide unique all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty of up to 6 years.





Proven Quality, New Functionality


Columbus is one of the most popular POS terminal series in the industry. Restaurant owners appreciate its extraordinary reliability, the handsome, practical design, as well as the fan-less construction and long service life. Columbus800 is the latest incarnation of the Orderman virtues proven for over 25 years.



The Reliable All-Rounder


Columbus400 is the newest of our POS terminals and stands out because of its extraordinary reliability and durability. The user-friendly interface, as well as fluid performance, make your work day much more enjoyable and efficient. The Columbus400 also works seamlessly with our other Orderman products.



More Than 130 Years of POS Terminal Experience


The NCR RealPOS XR7 represents the latest advances in terms of design, functionality and flexibility in POS terminals. With its ergonomic design, top-flight materials and high-quality electronics, our system is the result of more than 130 years of experience developing POS terminals and handheld units. The XR7 combines the elegance of consumer technology with the durability and reliability of professional industry standards.



POS In A Compact Design


The Orderman PX10 is characterized by its compact design and incredible flexibility. Slim, durable and versatile, this POS is perfectly suited for hospitality or retail businesses requiring a small footprint. Modern interfaces ensure the PX10 stays sustainable and future-oriented, whilst its solid construction guarantees a long service life. The fanless design and lack of moving parts make it wellequipped to withstand even the roughest handling.




Peripherals to Fit Your Business


Our POS terminals come with practical accessories to ensure scalability meet individual needs.


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