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New retail channels and technologies abound, but the physical store remains the heart of the retail experience with more than 90% of sales occurring in-store.

But shopping journeys – including everything from store design to proximity marketing to the checkout experience – are changing. Are you prepared to evolve to the store of the future?

Kate takes advantage of click-and-collect offerings to order her groceries online, before arriving at the store to pick up her items.

Upon arriving at the store, Kate's order is ready and waiting. Using picking solutions to quickly prepare her order, the associate meets her as she pulls up to the curbside checkout.

When she stops for gas, Kate uses an outdoor payment terminal featuring enhanced and customized services.

Not only does Kate fuel both herself and her car at the pump, she earns loyalty points & rewards each time.

Kate picks up her coffee – giving the retailer an additional opportunity to generate revenues through promotions and sales of higher-margin items inside the store.

With her busy schedule, Kate often grabs quick meals on the go. While doing her grocery shopping or stopping for gas, she can use self-service kiosks to customize her selections.

She doesn’t have to wait long for her lunch – and digital signage in the store tells her exactly when her freshly-prepared order will be ready.

Like most people, Kate has her phone with her at all times. But when she's out shopping, she can do much more than check her messages and refer back to her grocery list.

Using an advanced mobile shopping application, her phone becomes an on-the-go shopping assistant.

With dynamic, targeted promotions as well as exclusive loyalty rewards and discounts, Kate saves both time and money

Shopping finished, Kate is ready to pay for her items. But as she approaches the checkout stand, she sees a long line of customers ahead of her.

However, self-checkout solutions allow Kate to beat the queue and complete her purchase, while avoiding frustration and getting on with her day much faster.

It takes just a couple of minutes for Kate to scan her items and make a payment using the method of her choice – cash, card or mobile (which is Kate’s preference).

While the other customers are still waiting in line, Kate is already heading home with her purchase.

Drive profits by increasing sales while reducing operational inefficiencies.

Deliver flexibility, convenience, and speed for shoppers.

Attract new customers and retaining existing ones.

Find new ways to meaningfully engage consumers.

Leverage opportunities for upsells, cross-sells.

Reimagine the store to leverage it as a relevant, meaningful part of your business strategy.

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