Responding to injustice as one global community

Published June 2, 2020

The social unrest in the United States and elsewhere around the world in response to racial injustice is creating a dialogue and demand for action. We want our communities and customers to know that NCR’s strength and our pride is in being global, diverse and inclusive—and that we understand that we must be part of the solution. Below is a note from CEO Mike Hayford to all NCR employees, explaining our approach and response as one NCR. Because if we stand together, we can heal together and emerge stronger.

NCR Team,

I spent a lot of time this weekend talking with my family, friends and thinking about what I would say to all of you about the events and injustice that led to the social unrest across the United States.

Many of us are hurt, angry, confused or simply don’t know what to say or how to process this. Some of our customers saw their businesses destroyed, just as they were getting back up and running. This is a difficult and tragic moment for many, and we must acknowledge it.

I believe that one of NCR’s strengths is in our diversity. NCR’s character has been forged over our 136-year history thanks to the global nature of our business. With representation from many nationalities, cultures and walks of life we are a diverse business family, and as your CEO I am proud of that.

Still, as a business and as a society we have to do more, and we have to do better. We have to focus on the core issue – injustice – and acknowledge that we must be a part of the solution and foster an open dialogue amongst ourselves and in our communities. 

To start, I have joined Atlanta’s business and civic leaders as a part of the Atlanta Committee for Progress to pledge to do our part to build an inclusive world, help everyone’s voice be heard and advance freedom of expression. 

I know that words aren’t enough. Concrete actions and solutions are essential to reverse the shameful history of systemic racism and injustice that are a stain on the United States. To that end, I will join NCR’s Black Professionals Forum in an upcoming town hall. There you will have the opportunity to share your views on solutions and concrete ways NCR can make a difference. 

Finally, I also want to encourage anyone who needs support through this time to take advantage of NCR programs like the Employee Assistance Program.

With our compassion, our empathy and our ONE NCR team, we stand together and will heal together. Please join me, and everyone on NCR’s executive leadership team, in advocating for positive change in our company, in our communities and in our society.

Mike Hayford
President and Chief Executive Officer, NCR    

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