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We did something great together. Can we tell your story? Help promote your company's achievement with a team of professional marketers ready to support you. Become a recognized thought leader by letting us share your story and develop a deeper partnership with NCR as we work together on the next big thing.

Your expertise helps to shape the future of technology. Help us share the vision with others and lead the industry in a new direction with you at the forefront. 

Choose the level that's the best fit for you from some of the examples below.

Influence: Share your expert opinion while networking with industry peers or provide a brief statement and we'll do the rest.

  • Logo Usage
  • Focus Group
  • RFP Person to Person
  • Customer Quote / Statement
  • RFP Listed Customer
  • Blog

Promote: Promote your company with free press and help to shape the future of technology by providing input in design as part of this special group.

  • Customer Design Feedback
  • Webinar Participation
  • Press Release
  • RFP Site Visit
  • Industry Article

Advocate: Distinguish yourself by becoming a thought leader in the industry with speaking opportunities and case studies that highlight your accomplishments.

  • NCR / 3rd Party Event Participation
  • Industry Award Submission
  • Speaker at Event
  • Case Study / White Paper


(Note that these are examples only and you could choose to participate in one or more activity based on your level of interest.)

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