SAFE Credit Union - An NCR Digital Banking success story

November 13, 2018 08:09 AM












SAFE Credit Union serves 220,000 members in northern California and has assets of $2.8 billion. Since its founding in 1940, SAFE is dedicated to providing its members an exceptional, differentiated member experience while helping them improve their financial well-being.


NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium enabled SAFE credit union to reach its members with targeted mobile messaging and marketing to inspire action when needed or drive adoption of products and services. The solution’s geolocation capabilities enabled SAFE to reach customers with messaging relevant to the customer’s location.



Key highlights


Industry/Market: Community-focused credit union



NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium enabled SAFE credit union to reach its members with targeted mobile messaging and marketing to inspire action when needed or drive adoption of products and services. The solution’s geo-location capabilities enabled SAFE to reach customers with messaging relevant to the customer’s location.










  • 88% drop in abandoned call rate within minutes of deploying a push notification campaign to quickly let members know of a critical card outage issue.
  • 30% conversion rate for a debit card bonus program campaign, which led to increased debit card rewards program engagement and increased card spend.
  • An opportunity to boost their brand at local events: using geofencing, SAFE reached members at a sporting event with a fun chance to win prizes as they entered the stadium.








The challenge:


SAFE Credit Union has seen rapid growth in mobile-only members as its NCR Mobile Banking app enables users to conduct an increasing number of banking tasks through their mobile device. Because mobile-only users are unlikely to log in to online banking on a desktop or laptop, or visit a branch, it became critical for SAFE to optimize the mobile channel so that it reaches this fast-growing segment in an impactful and engaging way. In addition, SAFE wanted to create a more personalized experience — bringing the human touch of the branch to the phone. Promotion Suite Premium is designed to make it easy for members to act on the notifications with branded, personalized interactions.





Faster, easier operations


When a recent major card issuer outage impacted member credit and debit card purchases, SAFE quickly put Promotion Suite Premium into action. 


Promotion Suite Premium enabled us to use a push notification to notify our membership of an outage with major card issuer that affected their debit and credit card purchases,” said Rayna Salas, SAFE Digital Banking Manager.


“We saw positive results in both our Operations and Customer Service teams. Prior to the push, our call center queue had reached capacity and members were turned away,” Salas said. “Within minutes of the push, the call volume dropped by over 100 calls and the abandoned calls dropped by 200.”


As long as members had enabled push notifications from SAFE, they did not need to be logged into their mobile banking app to receive the messages, which allowed SAFE to reach more impacted members quickly.


“The majority of our members were proactively notified of the issue before they attempted to use their card. In addition, they were notified once the issue was resolved.”






The solution:


To quickly reach mobile-only members more effectively, SAFE looked to NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium so that they could best leverage their mobile app to provide experiences they would normally deliver in-branch, in-person or via online banking. 


Promotion Suite Premium is transforming the way SAFE communicates with its members, enabling them to segment and message users with push or in-app notifications, while also giving them the ability to use geofencing and beacon technology to message customers in relevant locations. The institution has seen results through improved operational efficiency, deeper rewards program engagement, and new opportunities to increase brand loyalty.







Rewards program engagement


To encourage spending on its debit card, SAFE offers a periodic bonus purchase category program to its members that enables them to earn 5 percent for any purchase that falls into that specific category. The card services department gives their cardholders the ability to pick a bonus category to generate more engagement in the program. Over time, SAFE saw that there was a large population that wasn’t selecting a category.


To build program awareness and increase participation, SAFE sent a push notification using Promotion Suite Premium that encouraged members to log in to their mobile app and select a bonus category. Once they logged in, they had an in-app notification with a fullscreen graphic encouraging them to click to choose a category. SAFE was able to segment the notification to a list of customers who had not yet selected a category.


This very successful campaign saw an average 30 percent conversion rate (those clicks that resulted in category selection) and ran weekly for four weeks at a time. SAFE refreshed the list once a week until program completion to ensure those members who selected a category through the campaign were removed.





Geolocation: The right message at the right time and place


Promotion Suite Premium features reach far beyond customer care notifications or directly promoting products. SAFE was also able to use the solution to build brand loyalty by creating fun location based events.


For example, SAFE ran a promotion at a local minor league baseball stadium that allowed members making a purchase inside the stadium to potentially win prizes or tickets. To generate more awareness of the campaign and to drive participation, SAFE used Promotion Suite Premium to geofence the stadium and promote the offer to all SAFE members upon entry to the stadium using a push notification. The notification sent them to a branded web landing page to enter information.


While SAFE chose to send the offer to all members at the stadium, they could also have used Promotion Suite Premium to target only certain members.


“A big focus for the future is segmentation and how we can reach our digital banking users more effectively,” says Salas. “Whether that be your minor population, middle-income or fee-driven population, we want to get relevant messaging out to those specific groups, instead of sending the same banner to everyone and hoping it appeals to all of them.”





A personalized experience anytime, anywhere


From promotion of products and services to delivering critical customer communications, NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium allows SAFE to personalize the mobile experience by bringing the branch to the palms of its member’s hands.


“NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium has really given us the vehicles and flexibility to provide relevant, fully customizable messaging. With geofencing and beacons to push notifications and in-app messaging, it has allowed us to strategically and more holistically engage our members in a digital space, regardless of their preferred channel.”