Learn about how the Mercedes-Benz Stadium uses technology to help fans navigate 190 suites, 24 bars, and more than 1,200 beer taps.

October 30, 2018 09:00 AM

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A Reimagined Fan Experience: How the Mercedes-Benz Stadium turned sports fans into concessions fans, beefed up burger sales and made the venue the envy of stadium owners


“NCR’s solutions put Mercedes-Benz Stadium at the forefront of venue technology by providing amazing flexibility, control and connectivity."

— Jared Miller, chief digital officer and senior vice president, analytics and technology, AMBSE





Stadiums and Venues 



When it comes to stadium concessions, fans expect good quality, great value for money, a variety of food options, and speedy service.





  • More than 200,000 items sold at each game during the Atlanta Falcons’ 2017 regular season.
  • 88% increase in merchandise sales over 2016.
  • 92% of fans made a food and beverage purchase at MBS in 2017.
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium concessions ranked #1 by NFL and MLS fans for: -Quality of product -Value for money -Speed of service -Overall rating




Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United, in addition to hosting many of the world’s top sports and entertainment events including the 2018 College Football Playoff Championship game, the 2019 Super Bowl and the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 2020.




When the Arthur M. Blank Sports & Entertainment (AMBSE) team about the kind of experience they wanted to offer fans at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) in Atlanta, they knew it was important to make game day at the stadium affordable and accessible for families.


When it comes to stadium concessions, fans expect quality of product, value and variety, and speedy service. By offering favorite items from local Atlanta restaurants at great prices, AMBSE was betting more stadium guests would turn into concessions customers; but the demand would require the stadium to serve more food and drink to more guests.


For concessions associates, serving more guests means more stress on an already stressful day and hoping that POS systems, already pushed to capacity, will make it through the day—hardly ideal conditions for providing a superior fan experience.




NCR believes experience is everything. Even with more than 130 years of experience helping businesses grow and transform, we never stop learning and innovating how to be a better partner in the spaces where commerce and technology meet.


Arthur M. Blank Sports & Entertainment approached us about their goal of delivering 21st century, world-class experiences to fans. With the capacity to serve more than 70,000 fans, this would require a robust and intuitive solution that went beyond the point of sale.




Memorable experiences happen when fans get to enjoy the kinds of interaction they’d choose for themselves. Whether that’s ordering on a tablet in a suite, or buying food and drink at a concession or kiosk, interactions that build great memories reinforce positive brand affinity and turn customers into fans.


The roots of this challenge are in two broad areas: queue management and speed of service.


Queue Management :

Finding a place to eat among the burger joints, pizza places and favorite local restaurants is a good headache for fans to have. With NCR Wayfinding in the AMBSE mobile application, fans can get virtual help finding somewhere to eat and locate their seats. The app allows guests to favorite restaurants they enjoy, and rate and review them for other fans.


If you want to serve more people, the most obvious solution is to add POS terminals. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium boasts more than 750 POS terminals, 65% more than the Georgia Dome had.  


The key to getting customers through the line quickly is creating a system where they don’t have to get in line in the first place. NCR Silver, designed for smaller and mobile-first retailers, was deployed to help ring up customers at kiosks, enabling AMBSE to add more points of sale in more locations around the stadium. 


Speed of Service:

Our Vitalcast Digital Signage helps shave seconds off the ordering process. Clear digital signage above the pass shows products and prices, making it easy for guests to be ready to order when they reach the front of the queue. 


When fans order their food, AMBSE’s innovative change to whole dollar pricing, inclusive of taxes, eliminates the need for handling coins. This smart switch cuts transaction times, and reduces errors in end of day accounting and reconciliation processes. 


All this was supported on the back-end by a server farm with 24 virtual servers with 100% availability, ensuring transactions process quickly and accurately. 




On January 8th, 2018, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosted the NCAA Football National Championship game, providing the highest-profile test of NCR’s solutions. We couldn’t have asked for a better performance:

  • Over 120,000 sales transactions in one night
  • Over 58,000 credit card transactions (previous record was 45,000)
  • Sales transactions peaked at over 600 per minute at half-time




At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, NCR solutions help fans navigate 190 suites, 24 bars and restaurants, and more than 1,200 beer taps, buy their fan gear and access their cash at ATMs—all to help each of them cheer their team to victory.  


Visit the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see our solutions in action!


Installed NCR Solutions:


NCR Aloha

NCR Venue Manager

NCR Silver

NCR Wayfinding

Vitalcast Digital Signage