Workplace Health and Safety

NCR is committed to complying with applicable health and safety regulations related to protecting employees and providing working conditions that are free from recognized hazards.  NCR’s workplace programs are designed to protect the safety and health of employees and to prevent and mitigate workplace incidents that could arise from abnormal operating conditions and potential emergency situations. As with other areas of the business, NCR strives for continuous improvement in the area of workplace health and safety.

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NCR Makes Largest Artifacts Gift Ever to Dayton History

3 Million Artifacts Reflect the History of NCR and Dayton, Ohio


4 ways online merchants can protect against fraud

eCommerce fraud is on the rise. According to the Global Fraud Attack Index, which measures fraud attempts against online merchants in the US, the rate of attacks grew by 62 percent between Q3 2015 and Q2 2016. The proportion of revenue at risk rose by 55 percent, from $4.90 of every $100 in sales to $7.60 in every $100.

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Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.