Oklahoma Computer Equipment Recycling Program



The Oklahoma Computer Equipment Recovery Act requires computer equipment manufacturers to provide for the collection and recycling of their own brand(s) of computer equipment that was purchased by Oklahoma consumers for personal or home-business use.


NCR’s Recovery and Recycle Program
NCR offers residents of Oklahoma a convenient program to properly dispose of NCR-branded personal computer products* that have reached their end of useful life. The NCR Recovery & Recycle Program  is easy to use and has been structured to ensure equipment returned to NCR is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner in compliance with all applicable regulations.  There is no charge to residents of Oklahoma for recycling of NCR-branded personal computer products through this program.


The following products listed below are accepted:


  • NCR-branded desktop personal computers, including accompanying NCR-branded keyboard, mouse, and miscellaneous cables


  • NCR-branded personal computer monitor


To request recovery of your NCR personal computer equipment please email us at product.recycling@ncr.com.


* NCR’s personal computer business was discontinued in 1996.