Reflections on Passenger Terminal Expo: Airports shifting focus to passengers as core strategy

March 27, 2015 06:43 PM

I had the opportunity to attend Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris recently, and the conference was abuzz with how to enhance the passenger experience. What was truly unique, though, was learning about how Avinor Airports in Norway has completely shifted their core strategy to focus on the passenger.


With the mantra that “Happy Passengers Create Value,” Avinor has renovated their airports to address passenger pain points and interests. The results are attractive to airlines and passengers alike.


Traditionally, airports have focused on airlines as their customer, as aero revenue makes up 50% of airport revenue. Passengers bring a majority of the other 50% of airport revenue, and attracting happier passengers will in turn attract the airlines.


Besides airport location, how else can airports attract and keep airlines and increase non-aero revenue? By engaging their passengers. So how can airports engage their passengers? Today, people want information and services at their fingertips, and they want their travel journey to be easy.


Airlines and airports can connect with their passengers through mobile solutions that enable passengers to check-in, receive special offers and coupons, and provide a mobile boarding pass.


Passengers can reduce stress and better plan their shopping experience by using interactive Wayfinding that they can view on a screen and take with them on their mobile device.