Now Arriving: The Wearable Boarding Pass

By : John Tucker

May 21, 2014 05:06 PM

Wearable technology like Google Glass eyewear and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has given rise to the next level of electronic ticketing: the wearable boarding pass.


Smartwatch “mini-screens” can now perform many of the same functions as a mobile phone, displaying an optimized mobile boarding pass.  Airlines focused on improving the passenger experience are looking to extend mobile boarding passes to “wearables” like the Gear.  Soon, they will only need to use the mobile barcode wallet and customized template supplied by NCR.  By integrating with the airline’s existing native Android app, the watch becomes a convenient extension of the app’s functionality.


The process is simple.  A passenger with a Samsung Gear smartwatch and compatible Samsung device first installs the airline’s native Android app and a second companion app is installed on the Gear watch simultaneously.  When the passenger checks in for a flight, the mobile boarding pass is automatically sent to the NCR Barcode Wallet built into the app.  When the phone is paired to the watch, all of the available boarding passes in the wallet are directly accessible from the watch.


The smartwatch functionality is presently supported in the NCR Wallet Library, a code base used by major airlines to deliver millions of mobile boarding passes each month.  NCR plans to expand support to other wearable devices as popularity and adoption rates increase.


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