“Becoming a Retailer” Part 1: Connect

With ancillary sales driving industry profit, airlines and airports are aspiring to be better retailers. However, while airlines and airports know they need to sell more, they are not effectively connecting to consumers and making it relevant or easy.


The 2014 NCR Traveler Experience Survey1 found that 1 in 4 consumers who hadn’t purchased airline ancillaries or amenities through a kiosk or mobile device hadn’t done so because they didn’t know these items could be purchased through these channels.  One in 10 said they did not purchase because offers were not tailored to them or were not available at all.


That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to, however.  Two out of 3 respondents said they would prefer an airline that lets them shop throughout the journey over one that did not.  Additionally, 70% of consumers would like to be able to make airport purchases, such as parking, meals and souvenirs on a mobile device or kiosk.


Consumers are used to a seamless digital experience when they shop and they would like a similar experience when they shop in route.  Becoming an omni-channel retailer will not only help airlines and airports tap into new sources of ancillary revenue, but also strengthen passenger engagement and loyalty and improve the traveler experience.


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1 The 2014 NCR Traveler Experience Survey is an online survey of approximately 6,000 adult consumers in the U.S., U.K., China, UAE, Australia and Brazil and was conducted in December 2013 by market research firm ORC International.