The voice of the customer sparks new cabling initiative

September 07, 2015 12:00 PM

The voice of the customer is powerful.

Customer feedback is an integral part of our product development and service management programs. This is how many new programs get their start at NCR.

We heard from our customers that one way we could bring more value is to eliminate the need to dispatch two technicians for equipment deployment: one to handle cabling requirements and one later to perform the actual installation. Multiple truck rolls for service delivery are inefficient and can contribute to business disruption – so this customer suggestion was quickly green lit to drive forward.

NCR promptly invested in the development of a comprehensive Web and classroom training curriculum that enables several hundred NCR technicians to perform select cabling tasks. These employees can now complete circuit demarcation (demarc) extensions, punch down work to support simple router installs that require a demarc extension, and Unified Communications cutover events.

For example, Unified Communications cutovers typically include cabling a network device, known as Virtual Gateway (VG) by Cisco that supports a number of analog phones, fax machines and modems. During the event, in-house wiring must be removed from its existing connections and reconnected, or cross-connected, to the new VG ports. This typically includes punching down cable pairs on a termination block.

By investing in this new training program, these smaller events can now be supported by a single NCR technician – eliminating multiple truck rolls and minimizing business disruption.

The end result for our customers is:

  • Fewer disruptions associated with sending multiple resources onsite.
  • Increased level of assurance that the job will be done right the first time.
  • Quicker service response since there is no outside vendor coordination required.

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