The New Economy is Shifting Staffing Practices to IT Staff Augmentation

By : David Hentz

October 10, 2012 07:42 PM

By all accounts, IT spending has stabilized since the great recession; however companies continue to feel its impact, particularly in IT staffing.  This recession has forced businesses to become more focused on their core strengths to survive.


IT departments play a big part in a business’ survival as they direct resources to develop and/or implement transformational technology, such as cloud services or mobile solutions to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  An exciting time for IT departments, until they realize transformational results must be achieved on a tight budget.


With the continued rapid pace of technology innovation along with the speed and unpredictability of business challenges, businesses have found it difficult to build on their core strategy while maintaining critical block and tackle IT work. For these reasons, we see many of our customers coming to NCR for staff augmentation services, which is a easy and scalable means to leverage our personnel’s expertise to keep their IT projects and daily IT activities moving forward without sacrificing technical expertise. 


Common business cases that drive the need for staff augmentation services include smoothing out staffing fluctuations, meeting aggressive project timelines, coping with unexpected demand, or simply requiring additional resources for mission critical projects and the lack of in-house expertise.   


IT Staff Augmentation services aren’t limited to supplying customers with just additional headcount. Our customers find it advantageous to work with a single point of contact that can provide the global resources necessary to meet challenges. We can also provide additional services such as project management, help desk support and other services that make it easier to run an IT department. Ultimately, we are looking to help expand our clients’ capacity and skill set to maximize success.    


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