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By : Paul Abbott

July 10, 2018 12:00 PM

For many years, the vast and ever-expanding information and communication technology landscape has involved managing multiple layers of service complexity.  Businesses have been forced to rely on numerous suppliers and partners to meet their needs, often struggling with the ongoing task of managing a multitude of technologies, service channels, and customers.  One of NCR’s recent innovations has been the implementation of an Integrated Service Desk (ISD), an omni-channel nerve center to consolidate multiple touchpoints and interactions while providing an important layer of governance that holds each contributor to account.    ISD exemplifies the process of simplification for businesses, enabling them to utilize precious resources for their own priorities, safe in the knowledge that their infrastructure and support functions are being monitored and managed.   Always there, everywhere, indeed!


We recently solved such a problem for a major European manufacturer whose brand straddles the globe. The business had eleven (11) different touchpoints for complex services, and was challenged with simplifying the service engagement and improving the quality of delivery. Acting as partner to their global telecommunications provider, NCR consolidated the touchpoints to (1), leveraging our capabilities across multiple technology domains and vendors. The new fully integrated service desk provided a single point-of-contact for all portfolio elements, helping to deliver a seamless customer experience for multiple services including a variety of technologies, products and partners. ISD proved to be the differentiator that enabled the global communications provider to expand their technology innovations with their global business customer. NCR delivers.


I was recently invited to a local school as part of their “STEM” week; naturally I talked about NCR and the world of work.  My son received numerous messages on social media about how good the talk and interaction was.  One of his classmates sent him a YouTube clip of a man who bought a Snickers bar from every Big Box store in his home state. The clip showed the video footage of each transaction. The response from my son was priceless. He took a screenshot circling a tiny feature in the center of the screenshot photo.  It contained three letters…NCR.   He then tagged all his school friends and messaged them saying, “this is the super cool company my Dad works for, and this video has had over 6 million views on YouTube. Beat that!”  Our brand has never been more powerful, and it resonates even in the minds of the young.


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Paul Abbott

Executive Services Director

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Now in his 20th year at NCR, Paul runs the Client Operations team in EMEA comprising of Professional Services, Transition Management and Account Support resources. He is a married man with 3 children. In his spare time, he fulfils a dual role as Webmaster and Editor/author of a bi-annual publication for a Royal Air Force Veterans Association.