What are Provisioning Services? Opening new locations just got easier...

By : Jennifer J LePage

September 24, 2014 02:59 PM

Have you ever considered what is required to open a new store in a mall, upgrade offices in a multi-tenant building, or even open a new bank branch? 


After establishing the physical location, most people immediately think of the right IT solutions. 


What is often under-estimated is the complexity of getting the network and telephony lines in place to enable these IT solutions.  Many companies turn to telecom vendors as a one-stop solution. 


And this is where NCR is often called upon for not just our networking expertise, but for our experience across multiple industries as well. Why?  Well, let’s take the concept of opening a new store in the local mall. 


The servers are ordered, the newest point of sale solution is on its way, and all that’s left is getting telephone and network access.  Simple.  Right?  Well, not really. 


So the store turns to their telecom provider for the solution.  The telecom quickly designs the perfect solution and indicates that once the local exchange establishes their upgrade requirements, and the cabling company adds more lines, and the equipment arrives onsite, and everything gets unboxed and installed, they’ll be ready to test connectivity.


OK, call the local exchange carrier to determine feasibility.  Have him go out and meet with the store manager to ‘check out the situation’.  Nice guy, but the store manager isn’t a technical expert so he has to reengage the telecom to work with the local exchange carrier.


But there are also some cabling requirements. Call a cabling company. Hmm, which one?  Better ask the telecom to handle this as well. The cabling needs to be run from the closest telecom or electrical closet into the store, but mall facilities management has a list of requirements including when work can be done, who can perform and protocols as to where the cabling is located. 


OK, the cabling guy agrees to do the work after store hours, no problem. Wait, that means store personnel need to be available for access after hours.  And what if they have questions?  We already figured out the store manager doesn’t understand technology.  Better have the telecom plan to be there. Sound confusing?


At this point nothing has been installed and the equipment hasn’t even arrived.  Imagine the coordination that takes place in just determining what needs to be done.  Then add the complexity of scheduling each step in the proper order at the appropriate time. And by the way, this is only the first of several stores that need upgrades.


A single point of contact with project management experience as well as knowledge of the environment, logistics and technology not only improves the probability that the installation will happen on time AND be successful, but the lives of the telecom and the end customer (and all the professionals in between) just got easier.


This is where NCR can help. NCR Provisioning Services provide telecoms and their end customers a single point of contact to coordinate the different resources needed to make a new business open on time.

Jennifer J LePage

Program Manager, Telecom & Technology Field Services Solutions

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