NCR “Next-in-Class” for Quality Management

NCR’s European Services team has achieved a score of 100 percent (Zero Major and Zero Minor Non-conformities) in the latest external ISO 9000 and TL9000 Site Audits conducted in July by the Registrar Bureau Veritas in Massy, France and in Dublin, Ireland.

So you may be thinking, “what do this mean for me?”

NCR remains an industry leader with consistent scores of 100 percent year-after-year in external site audits for these globally-recognized quality management system standards. ISO 9000 relates to the financial and retail sectors, while TL9000 is used for the telecommunications industry. The external site audits focus on ensuring that quality management systems and processes, developed and deployed by NCR, are being implemented in the field. And in turn, this means better service for our customers.

The external audit in Ireland included the annual global Business Management Systems Quality  Management review, which involves assessment of the entire quality system.

The company is also well on the way to being certified to a new standard for business continuity – ISO 22301 - which will confirm NCR as “Next-in-Class” in terms of quality management systems. Business continuity is a program that ensures the company takes proactive measures in case of a disruptive event like fire, hurricane, earthquake or a man-made disaster. It means that emergency plans are in place to ensure that business can continue, and in cases of severe disruption where buildings have to be evacuated, NCR has robust plans in place to move business from the affected area to a disaster recovery site elsewhere, while maintaining service to our customers. 

This new standard was introduced in May 2012, and while our competitors are aiming to be certified by 2014, NCR is on course to be certified by year-end. ISO 22301 external site audits have already been conducted in Massy, France; Peachtree City, Georgia, Columbus, Georgia and Germantown, Maryland. The final audit is scheduled for our Eurocentral facility in Scotland in November.

We are justifiably proud of what the company has achieved. The secret of NCR’s success is our Overall Business Management System (BMS). This System includes a global BMS manual that covers all of the required standards, as well as thorough internal site audits which are completed prior to the external audits. NCR’s quality management team works with onsite managers to identify issues and conduct in-depth root cause analysis, not only resolving the issue but eliminating the root cause. You can read about our most recent TL9000 success here.

Customers can be assured that NCR is in compliance, certified, and on course this year to achieve our additional goal of ISO 22301 certification, making NCR not just “Best-in-Class” but “Next-in-Class.”