Your iPad is Now a Scanner with NCR Silver


by Candace Lee


Improve transaction time with a simple software update. If you’ve ever wanted to scan items, but didn’t want to invest in a barcode scanner, this update is for you. NCR Silver 4.8 is packed with heavily-requested features and by popular demand, you can now use the camera on your device to scan items and discounts.


Scan items


If you are a retailer, you understand the importance of keeping your stock quantities accurate. But if you run a restaurant and sell retail items, you may not sell enough branded tees to warrant adding on additional hardware to speed up transaction time and automate reporting. But now you too can simplify checkout (and ensure the correct item is rung up by employees) by scanning items for purchase or return with your iPad.


Scan discounts


Do you use NCR Silver to email deals to your customers to keep them coming back? Whether you send barcode coupons or QR codes, you can now scan them to apply at the point of sale by simply selecting the new Camera icon and hovering over it – whether on a mobile device, receipt or other print out.



Once you update your app, you’ll see a new Camera icon appear on various screens. The first time you tap it, it will prompt you to give NCR Silver permission to access the camera. Select “yes” to enable the ability to use the front or back-facing camera to speed up checkout.


If you deny permission (by accident or for any other reason), you can enable the camera later by going to Settings on your device, tapping the NCR Silver app, and toggling the Camera option to on.


What else is new?


We’ve also increased the maximum character length for item names and descriptions, and included a wealth of bug fixes to improve the user experience.  We hope you enjoy the new functionality available to you today. Don’t see something you need? Comment below, and click here to read the full release notes.


We recommend you update after business hours and turn off automatic updates in your settings. If you need help, please email, chat with us in the back office or text or call us at 877-270-3475. (Please note: Customer Success does not have access to your Apple ID and password.)