5 NCR Silver EMV Chip Card Reader Errors (and How to Stop Them)

December 21, 2017 01:00 PM



Customers expect you to accept all forms of payment. EMV technology offers a secure and reliable way to enhance the payment experience for both business owners and customers. That’s because merchants reduce their risk of liability and customers can rest assured that their personal information is protected.


As an NCR Silver customer, you have options (like NCR Silver Quantum!) for processing chip cards and other new forms of payment like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


But if you’ve chosen to pair our traditional NCR Silver chip card reader via Bluetooth, you may or may not have run into a few snags.


Here are some helpful answers to our most common questions:



How do I stop my Miura device from disconnecting?


The NCR Silver team recently made an update that changes the default timeout period to 24 hours. So as long as the application is open and the reader is connected, it should not time out or disconnect for a whole day. Steps to make sure this change is in effect:


NCR Silver


STEP 1: Log into you NCR Silver application
STEP 2: Select the box with three lines in the top left corner
STEP 3: Select settings
STEP 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the list
STEP 5: Select “View payment terminal details”
STEP 6: Select “Force full update” (NOTE: It will ask “Are you sure?”. Select yes.)



NCR Silver Restaurant Pro Restaurant Edition


STEP 1: Log into NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition application
STEP 2: Select the box with three lines in the top left corner
STEP 3: Press reconfigure payment terminal (It may not appear that anything is happening, but it will update the change.)



I keep getting error 4007 when I process a credit card!


If you are receiving this error, your iOS software is likely outdated. To update to iOS 11.2.0, follow these steps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:


STEP 1: Navigate to settings from the home screen
STEP 2: Select General
STEP 3: Select Software Update



How do I turn tips on and off?


By default, tips are turned off on NCR Silver, however they’re turned on for NCR Silver Pro users. It’s easy to change this setting. Here’s how:


If you’re just getting started:


STEP 1: Select the option on your EMV VAR sheet
STEP 2: Our team will make sure the hardware is functioning correctly during setup.


If you are actively taking sales:


Call in at 877-270-3475 or e-mail us. Be sure to include your business name, contact information and how you would like your tipping adjusted. (Note: Changes take 24-48 hours to take affect and we will notify you once it’s complete).



The reader shows “SYSTEM TAMPERED” on the main screen.


Due to security measures in place by Miura, this device will no longer function. Please call the support line at 877-270-3475 to get an immediate replacement.



My customer’s credit card has been charged twice.


This happens for one of two reasons: Either a sale was started, cancelled and then completed later, or there is an interruption with the network that’s gone unnoticed.


If you log into your Credit Call site and locate the sales in question, you will notice the fields Approved and State. If you see a red X or the word “Uncommitted” on either transaction, the sale showing on the customer’s bank account is pending and will disappear within 3 to 10 days.


But if you see a green checkmark under Approved and “Committed” under Status, the customer was, in fact, charged twice and you’ll need to process a return from the NCR Silver POS or Credit Call dashboard.


For any other scenario, you will need to reach out to your processor to troubleshoot.




Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We have a dedicated EMV support team on hand seven days a week to make sure you’re up and running. You can email us at SilverEMV@ncr.com or call or text us at 877-270-3475!