QR Codes Now Available on NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

August 07, 2018 12:00 PM



We’re excited to announce that a new version of both NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is here, and we know you’re going to love our newest feature: the ability to print QR Codes on customer receipts – the perfect way to engage with your customers beyond the point of sale.


QR codes with NCR Silver can be programmed to configure a URL to print in a QR code and they’re accompanied by a receipt message of your choosing. Ready to leverage this scannable tech? They’re very useful for prompting customers to:



Take a survey


Do you ever poll your customers? Customer surveys can be extremely useful for gaining insights about your business. But if you’re having trouble getting enough responses, a QR code can be a quick and easy way to get more customers to share their feelings.



Shop your e-commerce site


Encourage customers to visit your online shop with NCR Silver QR codes.



Depending on the functionality of your online shop, you can configure a QR code to open up a pre-populated shopping cart.



Follow your social media accounts


In addition to printing a message to “Follow us on social media!” on receipts, you can now configure a QR code that when scanned, takes customers directly to your presence on any platform that you choose.



Review detailed product information


This is exceptionally helpful for customers that are interested in more detailed information, like nutrition facts or hardware dimensions.



Log in to your store’s free Wi-Fi


If you don’t already offer free Wi-Fi, it’s a sure-fire way to get customers to linger longer. In this case, you can link a QR code to a landing page that offers terms and conditions before opting in to have internet connectivity on your premises.



Make Reservations


Is business booming so much that walk ins are becoming a challenge? Encourage customers to come back and get seated quicker with a QR code that leads to an online reservation form on their receipt.



View a menu


Giving your customers quick access to your menu directly from the receipt can be beneficial for many reasons – whether you want to link directly to your website or the menu on your YelpTrip Advisor or Google My Business listing.


Keep customers coming back with a quick link to your takeout menu.



Invites to Special Events


Money you invest into events can turn a quick profit, but only if your customers know about it. Sending them to a calendar on your website can help!



Incentivize with discounts


Do you host a promotions page with coupon codes, upcoming sales or incentives for repeat customers? Now you don’t have to depend on employees for promotion, just print a reminder right on the receipt.


Download NCR Silver 4.7 to enjoy the fullest experience because the ability to print and link QR codes aren’t all that’s included in our update. Click here to read the full release notes for NCR Silver and click here to read all about NCR Silver Pro Restaurant, and let us know if there’s a new feature you’d like to see.