NCR Silver Leverages Georgia Tech Innovators to Bring Cutting Edge Solutions to Customers

May 17, 2018 12:02 PM



NCR is a proud supporter of the Denning Technology & Management Program at Georgia Tech. The competitive internship gives eight honors students in their junior or senior year an opportunity be an innovator for a large corporation.


Ten companies (including us!) approached the Scheller College of Business to engage top students to help solve real problems ranging from energy inefficiencies to customer retention and even workplace safety and training issues. Participants were then given the option to produce more innovative ideas that would better existing products. It was then up to them to choose which projects they wanted to take on.


NCR Small Business proposed leveraging the latest technologies to prepare our family of products for the future. To our delight, the students chose to develop BOTH of our challenges, and the end results were amazing.


The students were able to take new ideas that hadn’t yet been used within the industry – and even some issues that had created hiccups internally – to present real-world solutions.


“Georgia Tech’s Denning Program brings insights, experiences and innovations from the very market audience we strive to serve,” says NCR Small Business President & GM Chris Poelma. “The brilliance lies in the outcomes from the best and brightest coming into software technology today.”



NCR Small Business President & GM Chris Poelma (second from left) pictured with NCR Silver product experts and the winning team.



The NCR Small Business team was extremely pleased with the work of all eight students, so much so that we’re actually implementing the new features into the NCR Silver family of products. That’s also why we’re keeping their innovations very hush hush (and on the down low).


“The end products from the Denning teams were so innovative that we plan to release them for General Availability (GA) in 2018,” says Poelma.


We are proud to be celebrating the work of these student innovators, and we’re thankful that we got a chance to work with some of Georgia Tech’s finest. Our team is looking forward to innovating with next year’s group of program participants as we build on our 130+-year history of providing business solutions with the next generation.