Get the Latest EMV Technology with NCR Silver, and Give Customers What They Want

August 06, 2018 12:00 AM

The Ingenico RP750 has a digital display for customers and an integrated keypad for PIN entry.



It’s really important to us that we provide a cutting-edge experience for our users, and that means giving you options when it comes to accepting the newest forms of payments – like chip credit cards and Apply Pay.


We are excited to announce that both NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant will soon be integrated with certain processors to a new EMV device – the Ingenico RP750. An alternative to the Miura card reader, the new compact payment device allows iOS users to accept both traditional magnetic stripe cards, as well as chip cards and mobile payments, like Google Wallet.


One of many advantages over its competitors: The new device “dings” as a gentle reminder for customers to remove their card once the transaction is complete. So you never have to worry about customers mistakenly leaving their cards and having to return to retrieve it.



Why it’s great for restaurants


While the new EMV device is great for any business, it’s especially great for restaurants and other establishments that take tips.That’s because using the RP750 allows customers to keep the same tipping process that they are accustomed to by giving customers the option to add a tip on the receipt when signing for their payment (the same way they would when paying with a swiped card).


Easily take tips with the NCR Silver point-of-sale system.



Here’s how it works:


  • Once a customer is ready to pay, a merchant copy and customer copy of the receipt will print.
  • Both will have a “Tip Line” and “Total Line” for the customer to add a tip.
  • Customer keeps their copy and your business can keep a copy of the receipt.
  • If a customer adds a tip, the server or clerk can later recall the ticket on the POS and adjust the tip before the close of business.


The tip can be adjusted from the ticket entry screen, by searching it on the home screen of the app or through a prompt when the app is closed.

We’d love to outfit your business with the latest tech if you still haven’t made the transition to EMV, so let us know how we can help!