The Top 5 Features of the Newest Version of NCR Silver Pro for Restaurants

April 09, 2018 12:00 PM



The wait is over and the free software update for NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is here. There’s a whole lot of amazing stuff inside version 4.6, including some heavily-requested features from our users.


We picked from the host of new and improved features to brief you on the best of the best. Below are the top five:



Take payments with your POS camera


To speed up transaction time, we’ve made it extra easy to scan a QR code, should you have a customer present one as a gift card. Here’s how to do it using your smartphone or tablet:

1. Select Integrated Gift 
2. Tap Camera
3. Hold the camera over the QR code
4. Tap the Shutter button
5. Tap Done

That’s it – you’re done! No need to manually type a number or swipe a physical card.



Choose from another EMV option


Has your business updated to EMV yet?


If not, you now have another option for taking EMV chip credit cards at your business – the Ingenico RP750. Just like the Miura device, this compact payment device accepts both mag-stripe and EMV chip cards.


The new device features a digital display for customers, as well as a keypad for PIN entry.



Speed up transaction time


Wouldn’t it be nice to remove a step from the checkout process? Now, you have the option to speed up the process with the option to complete transactions without a signature.


In case you hadn’t heard, our autographs mean less and less as technology progresses. As of this month, American Express, Mastercard and Discover are no longer requiring signatures on any U.S. credit card purchases.


“The payments landscape has evolved to the point where we can now eliminate this pain point for our merchants,” said Jaromir Divilek, an executive vice president for American Express. “Our fraud capabilities have advanced so that signatures are no longer necessary to fight fraud.”



Track non-sales revenue items


If you plan to give food, time or a portion of your profits to charity, we’ve made it easy for you to track donations with the addition of non-sales revenue items.


With this new addition, you will be able track the amount of money you receive and see it in reporting – without it affecting net sales, product trends, discounts or overrides. You can even create a specific category to organize donations on the point of sale.



Better manage cash


NCR Silver Pro Restaurant’s Safe Drop Pay Out has always been an option for tracking money that’s been taken out of the point of sale and put into a safe. But now each pay out requires a reason code, and reports safe drops separately from other pay outs.


So when you’re counting cash to make a bank deposit at the end of the workday (or night!) you can view Safe Drop Payouts separate from all other data on the Store Summary report. This gives you greater insight into your operations, an accurate view of cash amounts and yet another option for easing tax management.





Want to see the full list of new features and improvements in NCR Silver Pro Restaurant? Click here to view the release notes.