Seasonal Pumpkin Patch Thrives with NCR Silver

October 28, 2017 12:00 PM



Lewis Farms’ motto is “growing fruit, fun and memories” in New Era, Michigan, and they are true to it. From farm to table, you can find everything from locally-grown fruits to homemade fudge and seasonally baked goods at the market. They also boast a pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo and fun harvest events seasonally starting in May and ending just in time for Halloween!


“This is our thirteenth season in business,” says Becca Lewis, the daughter in-law of Scott Lewis, one of the original owners. Since opening in 2004, the family-owned business employs a variety of Lewis family members, including grandparents, parents, kids and everyone in between.


NCR Silver has been a dependable companion along their journey. Here’s how the point-of-sale system has helped them grow and flourish.



Train your employees faster than ever


With 50 to 80 employees, proper training has always been important to Lewis Farms. They opened with an old-school electronic cash register, but have been powered by NCR Silver for four years.





“We love how easy it is to train our employees because the features are user friendly. The back office is very helpful because we can set up our cashiers with basic responsibility, so they are not doing anything too high level, such as unauthorized returns,” says Becca.


With every customer, NCR Silver offers customer support to assist with any occasional hiccups customers may experience.


“We love online support and customer service. Whenever we have an issue and we are always able to talk to someone right away. Even when an agent is unsure about an answer, they are always able to find a solution and get back to us quickly,” says Becca.



Market to customers with promotions


One of their favorite features of NCR Silver is the ability to run promotions, which they began using last year.


“We love the promotions feature. Cashiers don’t have to worry if something is on sale because it is already programmed into the system,” says Becca.





This timesaving feature has been a huge profit booster for their business, especially at the close of the season in October as they begin to shut down the market until Spring time. They use social media as a great way to announce their promotions and keep customers coming back.


“We do a lot of our marketing on social media. We use Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis,” says Becca.





Shop small, eat local for Halloween


Lewis Farms’ plans to expand by popping up at food venues for their festival with two or three more NCR Silver POS systems, and they will start considering accepting chip credit cards and Apple Pay.


“We highly recommend NCR Silver to other businesses in our industry. It’s user friendly and so easy to use. We love it,” says Becca.


Every year, Lewis Farms celebrates Halloween on the farm with The Great Pumpkin Festival. If you’re in the New Era, Michigan area, stop by wearing your best Halloween costume (if you’re 12 and under) and enjoy the corn maze, pumpkin patch and other treats this weekend! Happy Halloween!