Now You Can Buy NCR Silver Online

May 08, 2018 12:00 PM



Visit our new online store to buy all the NCR Silver software, hardware and services you need 24 hours a day.


E-commerce is the future. We all know this. Every year, more shoppers are going to their phones to purchase everything from groceries to SUV’s. Traditionally, new NCR Silver customers have had to get in contact with a salesperson to make a purchase. However this week, things are becoming quite a bit easier.


Now you have yet another option to get started or expand quicker with NCR Silver. For the first time in history, we’re making our family of products even more convenient and accessible by selling them online. Starting now, new customers who want to get set up within 24 hours can do so by buying a pre-loaded point of sale from our online store and having it shipped directly to their place of business.



Open 24 hours to serve you




To start, our e-commerce functionality is a simple, intuitive and targeted consumer experience. New customers can easily identify the perfect Total by NCR Silver package for their individual needs. Existing customers are able to quickly purchase replacement supplies, like receipt paper, and order additional devices if you’re adding another location or need an extra register for peak hours.


Thanks to the new functionality, we’ll also be able to send you advice if you run into a snag (a reminder if you’re in a haste!) and don’t complete a purchase. All customers have the option for next-day delivery, and even enjoy extra savings using promo codes at checkout.




More options coming soon


For now, only single-site small businesses can get up and running online. But don’t worry, as our e-commerce solution grows and becomes more robust, there will be more options to suit every business need. Eventually we’ll expand into an entirely new website to provide you with an even more personalized experience. Then whether you’re shopping for two or two hundred stores, we’ll have you covered.


Cheers to the future!


Experience it for yourself: Click here to view our new online store, and don’t forget Customer Care is available anytime, even after hours, to offer help.