4 Ways Kitchen Display For NCR Silver Can Improve Restaurant Operations

January 18, 2018 01:00 PM



Kitchen display systems dramatically improve operations for restaurants. That’s why now you can speed up your kitchen processes with Kitchen Display by NCR Silver – a brand new subscription-based app for iPads.


With Kitchen Display, your kitchens can utilize a digital order display to make it easier than ever to route customer orders to the kitchen staff.


But that’s not the only benefit. Whether you’re running a small café or growing franchise operation, here’s what makes Kitchen Display the perfect solution to promote efficiency in your kitchen:



Improve communication


Kitchen Display follows the kitchen routing you set up in NCR Silver back office, and cooks are guaranteed to receive orders instantly from the point of sale.


Once an order is added either in person or online, it is routed to the appropriate kitchen station or prep area. The preparer is then alerted with an audible “ding” to ensure the open ticket doesn’t go unnoticed.


Cooks are also quickly alerted with an audible “buzz” if a customer wants to change their order and an item is voided.


Our first pilot store, Dallas Beer Kitchen, has found success across the board during their two-month test run, says Owner Abel Cisneros.


“Kitchen Display by NCR Silver has greatly improved clarity of communications and is reducing costly errors in the back of the house. I don’t see how any busy kitchen wouldn’t want this.”



Decrease ticket times


In addition to the “ding” alert, each ticket is prioritized by color code to ensure cooks are always aware of how long each ticket has been open. This encourages staff to focus on orders that are reaching pre-determined service time limits:


With Kitchen Display by NCR Silver, see up to eight orders on screen at once and scroll to see additional orders.



Blue: Indicates a brand-new order (and you want your screen this color always!)
Yellow: Warns cooks they’re starting to lag behind
Red: Alerts staff to seriously overdue orders that require immediate attention
(*Time thresholds are preset to 90, 130 and 150 seconds respectively, but can be configured to any pre-set amount you choose.)



Once it is complete, you can bump an order off screen with a simple tap and even see all fulfilled orders on one screen. If an order is bumped by mistake, simply long press the order to return its status to pending.



Reduce waste


Kitchen Display replaces paper tickets and kitchen printers. That’s because orders are displayed on an iPad or monitor rather than handwritten or printed to a docket.


This means less paper waste, fewer errors and more $$$ to add to your bottom line.



Increase customer satisfaction


Improve service speed by monitoring preparation time with Kitchen Display. Cooks can easily stay on top of things to ensure that the food at your restaurant is not only tasty, but comes out in a timely manner.


Ready to make the upgrade from tickets to Kitchen Display? Here’s what you need to get started:


1. An NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition software subscription
2. A Kitchen Display by NCR Silver software subscription
3. A Mac Mini server (for real-time data transfer!)
4. An additional iPad for the kitchen
5. Mount (optional and works only with iPad Pro)





Call us at 877-630-9711 for more info, and click here to download the app for iOS.