NCR Silver Digital Loyalty: Save Time and Ditch The Punch Cards


by Candace Lee


Small business owner Chris Diedrich says, “Our philosophy is to spend money on the customers we have so they’ll never leave. Retaining customers is significantly cheaper than acquiring customers. So rewards programs mean just about everything, and people understate their value.”


Taking the notion a step further, NCR Small Business’ President and General Manager Chris Poelma suggests tactics matter in the game of loyalty. Thanks to advancements in customer-facing technology, your clientele has come to expect a fast and personalized experience at the point of sale. That’s why you need integrated loyalty rewards.


“It’s time to recycle those lame old punch cards and revert your attention to a more practical means for engaging existing loyal customers and generating new ones,” he says.


Coincidentally, with NCR Silver’s digital loyalty solution, rewards are a part of the point-of-sale system. Here’s how it works:


No more punch cards


Does your store have a loyalty program? Is managing it a challenge?






The NCR Silver POS system automatically applies rewards at the point of sale.


NCR Silver saves you time by tracking your loyalty program for you. Silver Concierge will even set up your desired reward system remotely.


Diedrich says thats why he selected NCR Silver to power his pet supply store.


“That’s ultimately why we chose NCR Silver in the first place, and probably why we would never change. Customers don’t have to track it, I don’t have to track it. It works great, and the ability to set your own rewards is fantastic.”


Reward your way


Would you prefer to track rewards by accumulated points or dollars?


Starbucks recently received backlash for their loyalty program changes, but like this major franchise, you too have the option to reward your customers anyway you like and make changes at will.


As an added bonus, it’s super easy to add new customers into the point-of-sale system.


Give instant discounts


Wouldn’t it be more convenient to inform your customers of available rewards?


With NCR Silver, you never have to worry about keeping track or compensating lost punch cards. That’s because discounts are automatically applied at the point of sale.