NCR Console Point-of-Sale Reporting is Your Personal Data Analyst

February 22, 2018 01:00 PM



The information collected at the checkout counter is more than just transactional — it can also help you make better business decisions based on results.


But how do you make sense of all of the data your point of sale is capturing?


The answer: NCR Console. With your point of sale reporting on data, you can rely on NCR Console to take that information and translate its importance to you, the business owner.


NCR Silver and Console work together to provide insights into what’s selling and what’s not, but the system can also provide a great deal of detailed information about your profit margins and help you better manage inventory and labor – even when you are away from your business.


We’ve recently released several updates to not just fix bugs, but also add improvements and features. Read on to learn about the helpful new additions to the reporting, labor and inventory modules.



Advanced reporting


From product trends to red flag reports, you can run robust reports for single or multiple days with Console. The cloud-based reporting and analytics platform reports on data in real time, and is always available wherever you are. Now it gives you even more detailed insight, like:


Less Than Whole Items - Console now supports less than whole items for reporting. For example, if you split a check so that items report as half-items, Console will now report those half-items as half-items.


Checks and Guest Counts - We’ve updated the manner in which you can import sales, checks and guest counts. On the Day to Day page, you’ll only see one import option, Upload Sales Data (under More Options). We only import the data you provide.



Labor management


Console tracks employee availability, creates work schedules and exports timecards for payroll. Employees can also request time off, cover their shift and list unavailable times. Now you can also enjoy the following heavily-requested features:


Scheduled vs Actual Details Report - Now you can see if someone is always clocking in late (or early!) because we’ve added a new labor report. The new Scheduled vs Actual Details Report enables users to drill down into the details of when employees are clocking in and out in comparison to when they were scheduled to do so.  All reports within Console are exportable for your convenience.


Work Schedule Enhancements - If your schedule tends to extend beyond a single page, you’re going to love these additions. Each page now contains a footer for notes and ‘Days of the Week’ header to make it easier for employees to know the days for which they are scheduled. You can also assign color codes to positions and set the Work Schedule to schedule by ‘Position.’



Inventory control


Managing inventory with Console is ideal because you can ensure you never over order or run out of stock. That’s because the system recommends what products you need to reorder – even if you have multiple locations. That’s why we’ve added:


Copy Functionality - This much-requested feature for multi-site users is now here! It’s easy to create an item in one store, then copy it to another store in your network. (Go to Manage Inventory and select More Options to try it out.)


You can add on Console’s reporting, labor and inventory modules individually, but they’re more effective together. Click here to learn more.



NCR Console is an add-on service that works with many point-of-sale systems, including NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition.