Secrets Facebook Insights Can Uncover for Your Small Business

March 30, 2017 12:00 PM


Take a peek into the good, the bad and the ugly of your Facebook fan page.



Learn more about your own small business Facebook page by analyzing other business' pages using the 'Pages to Watch' module. (Photo: ArthurStock/Shutterstock)



Facebook is probably an essential part of your social media strategy. But how effectively are you using your business’ Facebook fan page? Look to some key metrics to find out.


Using Facebook’s Page Insights, anyone with a company page can look deeper into their Facebook fan base for consumer insights and to more effectively communicate with their audience.


Andrea Vahl, co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies” and former community manager for Social Media Examiner, is passionate about helping businesses understand and use the power of social media to grow. These tips from Vahl will help you better leverage the power of Facebook for your small business.



Metric #1 to watch: Post reach



Monitor brand awareness using the ‘Post Reach’ module. (Photo: Meg C. Hall)



“If your overall goal with your Facebook Page is brand awareness, then reach would be the best metric to watch,” said Vahl. This number shows you how many people are seeing any of your brand’s posts in their timeline, as well as how many times each post is seen.


Tip: To increase your post reach, look at the “When Your Fans Are Online” graph. This will help you optimize your posting schedule and post when your fans more likely to see it.



Find out when your fans are online and schedule posts during these times. (Photo: Meg C. Hall)



Metric #2 to watch: Engagement rate


To see which of your posts are working best, Vahl said to look at your engagement rate. “This will give you a measure of how much interaction your posts are getting over the reach (people who have seen the post).”


In the Posts tab, switching the view to “Engagement Rate” will quantify interactions for each post, showing what percentage of the people who saw the post clicked, liked, reacted to or shared the post.



Finding out your posts’ engagement rates will help you understand what percentage of people are interacting with your posts. (Photo: Andrea Vahl)



Tip: Sort posts by engagement to see what content is resonating best. Vahl said any post with over 5 percent engagement is doing well. Also look at the posts aren’t doing well so you know how to refocus your efforts.



Metric #3 to watch: Pageviews


See how many visitors you’re getting and where they’re coming from on the Page Views tab. You can drill down to see how your page was accessed (desktop or mobile) and which sections of your profile are getting the most views.


At the bottom of this tab is the Top Sources chart. “This has always been one of my favorite features of Facebook’s Insights because you can see which external links are sending traffic to your Facebook Page,” said Vahl.


Tip: Look to see which sections of your brand’s page are viewed most and make sure they have the most relevant information for your customers.



“Facebook Insights can give you great information around what types of tactics are working best — and when you know what isn’t working, you can save time by not doing that anymore.” -Andrea Vahl (Photo: Andrea Vahl)

Watch other business’ pages


Want to do a little competitive analysis? There’s a module for that, too, called “Pages to Watch.” Vahl said Insights lets you track up to 100 other Facebook Pages, from competitors to any other brand with high engagement. This will help you create benchmarks, such as setting post frequency and engagement targets.


Tip: On the Posts tab, look at the top performing posts from these other pages for insights into what types of posts your target audience finds most engaging. See what your competitors are saying — and how they’re saying it.



Look for negative feedback


It can be helpful to see which of your posts may be having a negative impact on your following, said Vahl. “You can’t please everyone, and there will be people who hide your posts,” she said.


Filter your posts by “Post Hides, Hides of All Posts, Reports of Spam, Unlikes of Page” to see which ones are turning off your audience.


“A small business owner has a lot of things to do,” said Vahl. “If your efforts are not producing results, then you either need to change your tactics or change your marketing focus. Facebook Insights can give you great information around what types of tactics are working best — and when you know what isn’t working, you can save time by not doing that anymore.”