How to Identify Employee Theft with NCR Silver

March 17, 2019 08:58 PM

Protect your profits with the help of NCR Silver. (Photo: Shutterstock)


Chances are, most if not all of your employees are good people. But when you run a bar or restaurant, theft should always be an area of concern because it can be very subtle. Experts estimate that 25 to 40 percent of employees steal from their employers, and that number greatly increases depending on the size of your staff.


Kristin Schoonover, NCR Small Business

“To a major operator, if a scam is perpetrated 10 times a day at just $1, that’s potentially north of $200 lost by the house every month for just one employee,” says Kristin Schoonover, Product Management Director, NCR Silver.


Shawn Hagist, director, Product Management, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant and an experienced hospitality industry veteran, seconds that motion.


Shawn Hagist, NCR Small Business

“I would say nearly every bartender steals in some way,” he says. “Sometimes, it’s theft by taking payment for a drink and putting it directly into the tip jar. Other times, it’s just a bartender giving a friend a longer pour.”


Hagist continues: “A lot of restaurants tolerate some of this behavior, because it can be good for business. But there is a line that sometimes gets crossed in which it’s better for the bartender and not the house.”


That’s where NCR Silver comes in. The tablet POS system offers many safety measures to help minimize fraud. Here are some ways to get insight.


Stop sticky fingers with ‘no sales’ reporting


Popping the cash drawer with no ticket can lead to downright theft. That’s why NCR Silver tracks “no sales.” “By seeing this number in the back office, you can talk to an employee with a high number of no sales,” Schoonover says. “The minute you call the employee out, he’s going to be nervous.”



Assign cash drawers


Reduce fraud and increase culpability with cash drawer accountability. With NCR Silver, you can limit a drawer to one person, or better yet, assign a drawer to each employee. This leaves no doubt who is at fault for a shortage, and ties mistakes to a specific employee.

Any mistakes are now tied to that person. With this version, at the beginning of a shift, you can assign an employee to a drawer. He’s responsible for that drawer, leaving no doubt at the end of a shift.


Control discounts


Have you ever wondered if you have employees giving unapproved discounts to friends?

Both NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant track discounts applied by employees. So if you have an employee who is applying higher than average discounts or participating in unusually high activity in that area, you’ll know right away.



Activate the ‘blind count’


And by the way, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant doesn’t reveal what the drawer owner’s expected cash total is. He or she has to declare the amount counted. That’s why it’s called a “blind count.”


Check cleared items and tickets


Sometimes wayward employees will ring up orders, delete items from the ticket and then pocket the refund. These types of actions show up in NCR Silver’s Employee Activity Report, Shift Report and Daily Summary. If the average employee has one a shift, and another has 10, you may have a problem.


“If you have a lot of cleared items from one employee, you may have something going on, even if it’s just careless mistakes,” says Schoonover.


Increase surveillance with add ons



NCR Silver works with many add ons that increase the security of your business even further. For example, the software add on NCR Console is fully integrated to give you even more robust reports with even more red flag alerts to help you identify suspicious activity.


As always, with your data in the cloud, you have the power to respond immediately, even when you’re away from your business. 


Add more protection with ADT Business Smart Security



NCR Small Business has a special relationship with ADT Security, the largest smart security provider in the country. When you sign up for new business security with ADT through NCR, ADT can have two video cameras installed for free with the purchase of certain packages.


Just like NCR Silver, ADT’s services work right on your smartphone so you and review real-time surveillance on cashiers, stock rooms or even trash chutes to mitigate theft. Click here to get details on how to get started.