7 Hidden Shortcuts For NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

March 30, 2019 04:50 PM


Hey NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users, did you know your screen detects when you apply pressure to certain buttons? That’s right, a  ‘long press’ gesture can save you time when managing tables, tabs, seats, floor plans and checks.


Here are seven other tips or shortcuts you might not know about:


Transfer or rename a tab


Need to move a customer from the bar to a table? This shortcut has you covered.


Long press the open tab and the option to “rename” or “transfer” appears. Your choice will automatically move all items to a new tab or table, whichever you prefer.



Manage tables


Got a customer that arrived with a group, but now wants to move to the bar? Like moving and deleting tabs, you can conversely transfer a table to a tab by long pressing its corresponding number.


This also works for transferring a specific order or marking a table as inactive.



Configure a floor plan


Need your screen to mirror your restaurant’s actual layout? Accidentally added too many tables by mistake? Duplicate, delete and configure tables with this shortcut.


Hard pressing a table number allows you to do everything from adjusting the number of seats to adding a table name, which gives food runners the freedom of knowing where to deliver—without having to memorize table locations.



Combine and split checks


Accidentally combined the wrong checks? No problem.


If two or more seats are combined, long pressing the seat number gives you the option to ungroup them. Now you can drag tickets together to combine them any way you want using any number of combinations.



Print checks


Need different printing options for the checks that you’ve split? Long pressing the print button allows you to print all, some or one of the tickets faster.


Within these print options, you will see open tickets clearly designated if they haven’t paid yet. Once payment is finalized, the button turns gray with “closed” over it.



Add and remove seats


Declutter the screen by long pressing a seat number to quickly delete unoccupied seats.


This also works well for transferring a seat to another table. Now patrons can go from table to tab or tab to table with ease.




Input item availability


Want to ensure employees can’t place an order for an out-of-stock item at the point of sale? Quantity on hand is a daily value that allows management to place limits based on current inventory.


Managers can long press any item to enter its availability, quantity on hand or rearrange its menu button. Now the choice is deactivated temporarily, informing your employees and allowing them to provide more seamless service.