How One Bakery Identifies Overstock Using NCR Silver

December 05, 2016 01:00 PM



Townie Bagels in Palm Springs, California, is powered by the NCR Silver Register point-of-sale system.

Think NCR Silver is just for taking payments, tracking loyalty and email marketing? Think again. Bill Sanderson, former software programmer and co-owner of Townie Bagels, has found an interesting use for NCR Silver’s inventory capabilities that is sure to change your mind.


If you use NCR Silver, you will already be familiar with its ability to track inventory (down to the ingredient level when you add NCR Console!). However, Bill’s way of identifying overproduced goods – to later donate to those in need – reveals just how powerful the NCR Silver Register is – even without add-ons.


“We are always giving away food to the food banks because we don’t believe in throwing anything out and we don’t want people to be hungry,” Bill explains.


He also wants to track what he is giving away each day without affecting his sales numbers.


“At the end of the day, I wanted to know what we weren’t selling. Was it unpopular or just over made? We wanted this information, so we figured why not use the Register?”


That’s when Bill put his own technology expertise to work to calculate not only tax deductions on food donations, but also product trends.


He creates a no sale category to ring up the quantity of each item he is giving away. This enables him to look at the no sale category on the item sales report to see how much of each item was over made and donated.


“I don’t like throwing data away, and that’s cool data to have. Since we make fresh everyday, I need to know what we’re not selling so I can make smarter choices as a businessperson.”


Much of the power lies behind the formula that Bill has created to get the metrics he seeks, as well as the data he inserts.


Here’s how you can capture those same metrics for your business using NCR Silver, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition or the NCR Silver Register.



Rainbow bagels in Palm Springs to celebrate Pride weekend.



Create a no sale category.





Under the no sale category, add a button for each group of items that you sell. For example, Bill has a bagel button, a cinnamon roll button and muffin button.





Ring up a zero dollar value for each item as not to skew sales data reports.


Bill advises, “Make sure you do not assign tax to these no sale items or you could end up paying taxes on items by mistake.”





At the end of the day, ring up all leftover items quantities under the “no sale” category on the point of sale. Select cash to close the ticket.





Now on the item sales report, under the no sale category, you will have details on donated or leftover items when deciding on products for the season, time of day or even weather trends.


“With this information, I can look back and find reasons for upswings, or downswings, in sales. Was it a holiday weekend? Did the SnowBirds come in from Canada and Minnesota? And I can tell my baker, ‘Hey you made 100 extra bagels, maybe next time this year you make less.’”



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Townie Bagels is located in Palm Springs, California, and is owned and operated by Bill and his partner Andy Wysocki — both former POS system programmers. After spending 25 years in the tech industry, the two decided to try their hand at running a bakery after achieving pop-up shop success.


Townie Bagels Owners Bill Sanderson and Andy Wysocki.

“I was tired of writing software, and he’d already been baking for 10 years,” Bill says. “We started off at the farmer’s markets. When it took off there, we decided to open a shop.”


As you might have guessed, they did they’re research when choosing a POS system.


Bill says, “We looked at eight of NCR’S competitors. We did a spreadsheet of everything we needed to have, as well as the cost, and you guys won out. I love your customer support because it’s always there.”


Today, Bill runs the front of the house, while Andy does the baking in the back. If you’re ever in Palm Springs, be sure to stop by. They’re open from 6AM-2PM.