Delray Beach Bakery Keeps Profits Rising with NCR Silver

By : NCR Silver

December 22, 2017 01:00 PM

NCR Silver’s product trends give bakery owners insight into top-selling menu items.




“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
– Julia Child



Meet Zoey Wexler. She and her mother, Debbie Wexler, are the proud owners of Two Fat Cookies in Delray Beach, Florida. Four years ago, this mother-daughter duo joined forces to expand Debbie’s existing wholesale business. They’ve since become a local source for everything from cookies to tarts to pies and cakes.


Holiday treats are a top seller right now as customers rush to get their Christmas desserts for the holiday on Monday.


“From Jewish holidays that begin in September through May, we are slammed with holiday shoppers,” says Zoey.


Here’s why the entrepreneurs depend on the NCR Silver point-of-sale system to ease business operations.



Customers can order ahead


Since Two Fat Cookies provides catering services to boost profits, they love NCR Silver’s order ahead feature that allows their customers to place orders ahead of time and pay later. When it’s time to start prepping large orders, like wedding and birthday cakes, employees can easily recall important info like balance due, delivery date and more.


“My advice to other businesses in my industry is to find a point-of-sale system that’s affordable and easy to use, like NCR Silver,” says Zoey.


Delivery Dudes is also integrated on the menu within NCR Silver, which helps shoppers who may not have the time to stop by.



Track customers from the point of sale


Zoey understands the value of customer retention, that’s why they’ve used NCR Silver’s product trends to identify top-selling items and make sure they’re always in stock.


“You need a loyal customer base to succeed and you can build one if you keep it simple at the start,” Zoey advises. “Focus on being good at a few things first. Nail down a few popular items on the menu and then expand.”



It’s a time saver


The team loves how easy it is to train and manage employees with NCR Silver. The easy-to-use features make day to day life much easier, especially during the holidays.


“There is a high turnover rate in our industry, so the fact that it’s simple to learn and user friendly is super helpful, ” says Zoey Wexler.


The time clock allows employees to clock in and out quickly at the POS. Each week, Zoey seamlessly exports payroll reports to Paychex to get all 10 employees paid on time.



Help is easy to find


NCR Silver’s 24/7/365 customer support is another favorite of Zoey’s. If she needs help, she can reach out via phone, text, email or back office chat any time of the day or night, including on holidays.


“I’ve never had an issue with anyone I have spoken to. My conversations are always quick and simple and any issues with the system are always solved right away,” says Zoey.



Enjoy the holidays with Two Fat Cookies


Two Fat Cookies loves being a local resource for their small neighborhood.


“Our business is very rewarding. It’s for the betterment of our family and it encourages people to shop small at local businesses,” says Zoey Wexler.


If you’re in the Delray Beach area this holiday season, then stop by for some holiday treats! Their business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6:30 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM.



Happy Holidays!