5 Ways to Improve Transaction Time with NCR Silver

August 29, 2016 12:00 PM

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 5



If you want to succeed in business, then you need to learn how to best service your customers. Fast checkout is one of the many ways you can upgrade the customer experience, improve business operations and save time with the NCR Silver POS system.


Last year, the NCR Silver rollout at Waffle House sped up transaction processing times by 79 percent – down from 14 seconds per order to 3 seconds. If you too are looking to bust lines quicker, here are some handy and simple tips that you can implement to get the same results.



Speed up checkout


Did you know NCR Silver has a quick checkout setting?


By turning this feature on, you instantly benefit from the ability to completely skip the receipt option screen and automatically advance to the next new ticket – saving you time at the point of sale.



Use receipt options


Printing a paper receipt takes seconds, but opting to skip it at checkout has its benefits.


With Silver, you can set receipts to either auto print or not print at all. The digital signature setting even allows customers to add a tip and sign their credit card receipt right on the screen. You can also save time (and paper!) by opting to email receipts.


Pro tip: The last ticket can always be reprinted using the quick reprint button if necessary.



Declare tips later


Wouldn’t it be convenient to adjust tips on completed tickets?


NCR Silver allows you to declare cash tips at a later time – like when employees clock out – to bust lines quicker. If your store is busy, you can still process other transactions without inputting the tip for a previous customer.



Set up favorites


Frequently sold items can be grouped under Favorites for quick access at the point of sale. Categories and items can even be sorted by color for easy navigation at checkout.



Go mobile


With Silver, business doesn’t have to be done in just one place. You can keep lines short with the flexibility to leave the counter, take a device on the floor and process transactions no matter where your customers are.


That’s because Silver allows you to take orders everywhere and close out checks with multiple forms of payment anywhere in your establishment.


With these tricks, you will be able to easily and quickly take your business operations to the next level. Happy selling!