Get New Receipt & Inventory Options with NCR Silver 5.0

July 09, 2019 07:18 PM

Update your app now to version 5.0 to get access to the latest and greatest version of NCR Silver.


By Candace Lee 


Update your app now to gain the ability to select which items to add to a gift receipt at the point of sale with NCR Silver. (Photo: Yakobchuk Viacheslav/Shutterstock)



The latest NCR Silver app update is available now! The free software upgrade gives you immediate access to new features, improvements and support to help you improve your everyday business operations.


That’s because version 5.0 offers new options for gift and email receipts, and even provides better inventory tracking. Read on to learn more.


Benefit from New Receipt Options


Do you offer your customers the convenience of gift receipts?


If your store specializes in gift merchandise, you will always benefit from providing gift receipts. Most gift givers appreciate the option to include a proof of purchase (without revealing the price paid or payment information!) along with gifts so the recipient has the option to make a return or exchange without notifying or inconveniencing the gift giver. 



With this feature turned on, you can print out a gift receipt along with the regular receipt. And now with version 5.0, you have the flexibility to select which items you want to print on the gift receipt. This allows you to include (or not include) regular items, as well as items that are being purchased as gifts, on the same ticket. 


New email receipts!

As an added bonus, when a gift is returned using a gift receipt, the item is automatically applied back into your inventory with one click. Simply scan the barcode to find the original sales receipt in your point-of-sale system and presto! The refund is processed and the original purchase price becomes available for store credit or processing onto a gift card.


Do you often issue email receipts?


We’ve revamped those too. We hope you love the new default graphic and cleaner, more modern design.  


Simplify Inventory


Sell services or only track top-selling items?


For many businesses, not everything needs to be tracked for inventory purposes.  That’s why now when adding an item to the back office, you have the option to decide whether you want to track the item or not. Items whose inventory is not tracked will be filtered out of the inventory management functions so you can focus on the items for which you are tracking inventory.  Items that are tracked will let you enter a starting on hand and reorder point to make sure you never run out. Hope this helps!


Is there a new feature you’d like to see in our next software update? Let us know!


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